With an array of publicity at last the domestic RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) was Launched by Her Majesty's Government yesterday. Most members of the public will glaze over at the very mention of the RHI and for this reason it will be largely left to the installation companies and trades press to highlight the benefits to the general public. Any of us involved in the renewables and energy saving retrofit market know and understand that there is a mountain to climb in so far as retrofit measures on commercial and domestic buildings, what we do need is a consistent ongoing thrust from the Government in this general direction and  a little less "Stop Go". The benefits for the U.K. economy and U.K. Building stock will be significant if this approach is both adopted and maintained.

As is usual with schemes of this nature by the time the majority "get to hear about" the benefits associated with the scheme and hoards of tradespersons have acquired the appropriate certifications to be able to install these measures the door will no doubt be about to slam in those very faces. As one savvy installer commented some months ago "they always close the door ahead of any anticipated or laid down time line for these schemes. Shall we all hope that on this occasion we can highlight the benefits to our customers as soon as is humanly possible and create a Win:Win situation for customers and installers alike in the hope of recouping the costs associated with participation in these schemes from a supplier/installer perspective and from a customer perspective so that Mr and Mrs Public are also able to benefit before it's too late.

So here we are: "It's a go" so over to the industry to do what we can so that as many people as possible benefit from the policy, from flurry of activity on the social networks yesterday the announcement was well received initially by suppliers and a little later by installers. Hopefully the RHI will be here for as long as it is genuinely needed and produce results for customers, suppliers and installers alike.